Main Street Micros

Spencer Main Street Micro Grant Program


Main Street Micros is the next generation of funding opportunities for Spencer Main Street businesses. The Main Street Micros program is a new competitive grant program offered by the local Spencer Main Street board. There will be two funding rounds each year; Spring and Fall. In each round there will be a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place application awarded with a maximum total of $20,000 given out each round. There is a 3 month lookback for projects that have already been started. Awarded businesses must remain in operation within the designated Main Street district for two years following the contract start date, if awarded, or repay the awarded grant funds.

Purpose & Objectives

 To facilitate the growth and development of current Main Street businesses, enhance the visual appeal, or upgrade the usable square footage of the Spencer Main street district, and/or help attract businesses that meet the experiential retail & dining heart of Spencer Main street. Specifically, these grants are to help with:

  1. Building or Façade improvements
  2. New Business incentive
  3. Business expansion seed capital
  4. Projects that provide long-term community benefits
  5. City code requirements for upper story or unused square footage development

Program Incentives:

Qualifying businesses may be awarded a Grant up to $10,000. Grant parameters will be determined based on the total cost of the project as well as total score of the application. Grants shall not exceed 75% of project costs or $10,000 whichever is less.